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The sport life of ELTE is organized around two major ideas: courses offered by the Sports Department and Training organized by BEAC. Courses offered by the Sports Department – it means that you can apply to these sport classes just like all the other ones in your department. Search for courses with VTN code in Neptun:

How to sign up for a course?

(At the bottom of this page, you can find an attached screenshot of the Register for Subjects page, which might help you.)

  1. Log in to NEPTUN.
  2. Under the "Subjects" tab, select "Register for subject" menu.
  3. On the Register for subject page, select the current term and the "Subject type: All subjects" option. Also make sure, that "Subjects currently offered only:" is checked.
  4. Write "VTN-" to the "Subject code" field and click on the "List subjects" button.
  5. Choose the sport course you want to attend.
  6. Click on Register!

The sports courses cost 6000 HUF/semester, which has to be paid in NEPTUN in the Finances/Payment menu. Sports that need extra equipment, like wall climbing costs more. Usually, one course consists of 12-13 occasions and in order to finish the course, you should attend the classes with the maximum number of absence 3.

Please note that even if the course says it is in Hungarian, most of the teachers speak English. Check the "Description" box for more details, it usually contains the e-mail address of the teacher.


Neptun sport course registration 1


Neptun sport course registration 2

How to pay?

  1. Start a bank transfer to the joint account of ELTE OR using your bank card for immediate payment (tutorial here)
  2. Wait 1-2 workdays for confirmation about the arrival of your money to the Joint account.
  3. Complete the payment in NEPTUN in the Finances/Payment menu.

It is important to note, that if you have any unpaid payment obligation in Neptun, you will not be able to sign up for exams etc.

For more information in connection with payment, visit the website of Quaestura Student Service Office.

For more information about sports (ie. timetables, locations), please visit the website of BEAC.