ESN ELTE Mentor recruitment periods are September and February. We post the recruitment process during these months!

Reasons to become an ESN-er!

ESN is a volunteer organization in which we help Exchange and Full-time foreign students.  ESN ELTE, as a section of ESN Hungary, is responsible for the international students of Eötvös Loránd University, with the help of local students' enthusiastic and self-rewarding voluntarily work. We have a mentor system, through which incoming students can receive a Hungarian helper. Our job is to make sure that exchange students can face every challenge, solve every problem life puts up for them. We organize programs and events so that they can integrate with other exchange students and other Hungarians too. It is up for us to make them feel that they are welcome here!

Why become a mentor if you are going on ERASMUS?

Preparing for your exchange can mean a variety of things. It can mean researching the country of your destination. It can mean getting in contact with other students that have been on ERASMUS in the same country.

With our mentor program however, you are able to understand the entire exchange experience beforehand. Through helping someone to integrate into your country, you become familiar with the obstacles that may occur, you practice your target language, you get in tune with the international vibe, and all the while smoothly transition into your own exchange. As a bonus for your voluntary work, you are also rewarded extra points which can be included in your ERASMUS application.

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Why become a mentor if you are back from ERASMUS?

Missing your life as an exchange student and all your international friends? Having trouble reintegrating into your old daily routine? There's no better medicine to this

"post Erasmus syndrome" than to join your home university's mentor program.

This way you will not only regain that culturally diverse environment you got to love so much but also help out others by sharing your experience. It's a definite win-win!

Other perks of being a mentor:

You will get to know different cultures, make friends from all over the world

As you will be part of our team you will eventually meet different people, through whom you will get to know their culture, and their lifestyle.

Your English skills will improve.

As you interact with these people your English will eventually improve by talking to them. Having to use it on a daily basis will help you become confident in it.

You will learn a lot of new skills.

Organizing parties and managing their life is a task you will need to comfort.

Unforgettable experiences.

As they came from other cultures their habits are also different, so it can sometimes lead to interesting situations. During our outings we will try to make these times as memorable as we can to them and to us.

The experiences you get here will even look good in your CV later when you are job-hunting.

As you will be an active member of our team, you will gain knowledge and experience which will improve your personality and be of use later in your life.

Last but not for the least you can participate in ESN parties where you can have the best times ever.

For this part, I hope you will see it for yourself!

How to join?

If you liked what you read until now, follow us on our Facebook page. We announce mentor recruitment for all faculties each Fall and Spring semester.

Please note that: only full-time ELTE students can join our organisation as a mentor.